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May 03, 2007


Angelico Payne

I just watched "Code 46", which, i might add, is one brilliant moovie,esspecially the script. The one interesting thing which draw my attention is use of colloquial non-english based words as substitues for some common speaking daily phrases,such as "mehow" (which i thoght was "ni hao") or "lo siento", "gracias"... I am really interested how've you come up with that idea?


just a quickie to say thanx for the One Chord Wonders plays, really enjoyed them, missed the second one when out of country can you podcast them or smthg?
and for your list
yes The Wire is oh so punk but is Doctor Who?
Mac's are PC's are not.
Downloading is record collecting isn't.
Mugs are cups aren't.
want more?



ah just wanted to tell you , i think bout the film "butterfly kiss " often. the film is stunning and one of my fav films. i wanted the screen play as a book but it seems not published.
all your writing made for Winterbottom'S films are great.
id like u to publish more books, like a bunch of screen plays into a book. ill definetely buy it!

David Haward Bain

Thanks for your kind words about "Empire Express," Frank.

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