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May 02, 2007


Nicolás Ricci

Hi, I'm a 21 years old argentinian crap-writer. I just saw "God on Trial" on tv (it ended twenty minutes ago). I cried, and also did my girlfriend, until now. It was too god damned terrible, too god damned beautiful, too philosophically strong. I don't really know if this is Boyce's site or not (this is the first time I enter here), but if you are in fact Cottrell Boyce... Thank you, thank you so much. Recieve, please, this hug from a young writer from the other part of the world. I just met your work, but and I'm going to read all in this blog and see all the movies I can (you cannot imagine how hard it is to found this kind of films in a third world country only concerned about the pig flu).
That is all, I don't want to bore you. Thanks again, for an hour and a half your script gave me all I'm looking for in a movie. Keep doing good art.

Hurlingham, Buenos Aires
Nicolás Ricci

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